Project Background

Fife Council is the third largest authority in Scotland with over 150,000 residents and they collect over 200,000 tonnes of waste each year. Fife was looking to be the leading green council within Scotland however their recycling rate was tailing off. They looked to us to produce a programme plan that would significantly change the reliance on landfill.

Project objectives

To develop and deliver a plan that enabled Fife Council to comply with the Waste Scotland Regulations 2012 and would place them in a good position to meet future zero waste targets of 70% recycling by 2020.

Our role

We developed a strategy that placed Fife Council at the leading edge of waste collections in Scotland by introducing a 140 litre landfill collection. At the same time residents also received additional recycling services in the form of food, plastic packaging and food and can collections.

Resource Efficient Solutions then provided programme management for the implementation of a change to service that included:

Project planning
Communications strategy development
Development of communications materials
Waste analysis
Service liaisons
GIS & data manipulation
Monitoring and reviewing
Service review

Key results

The new service produced a record breaking result of achieving 70% recycling rate in East Fife.
Implementation of the service saw Fife Councils recycling rate rise from 39% in 2008 to 55.5% in 2013.
This innovative approach saw the introduction of one of the lowest landfill capacities within the UK but maintained a high satisfaction level with residents.

What the client thought

Roddy Mann, Service Manager for Transport and Environmental Services at Fife Council said “Resource Efficient Solutions were instrumental in the planning and delivery of the 4 bin service. One of the key factors was the level of communication between RES and ourselves, in my opinion it led to a very successful project delivery.”

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