Implementing Recycling Services

Project Background

Fife Council is the third largest authority in Scotland with over 150,000 residents and they collect over 200,000 tonnes of waste each year. Fife was looking to be the leading green council within Scotland however their recycling rate was tailing off. They looked to us to produce a programme plan that would significantly change the reliance on landfill.

Project objectives

To develop and deliver a plan that enabled Fife Council to comply with the Waste Scotland Regulations 2012 and would place them in a good position to meet future zero waste targets of 70% recycling by 2020.

Our role

We developed a strategy that placed Fife Council at the leading edge of waste collections in Scotland by introducing a 140 litre landfill collection. At the same time residents also received additional recycling services in the form of food, plastic packaging and food and can collections.

Resource Efficient Solutions then provided programme management for the implementation of a change to service that included:

Project planning
Communications strategy development
Development of communications materials
Waste analysis
Service liaisons
GIS & data manipulation
Monitoring and reviewing
Service review

Key results

The new service produced a record breaking result of achieving 70% recycling rate in East Fife.
Implementation of the service saw Fife Councils recycling rate rise from 39% in 2008 to 55.5% in 2013.
This innovative approach saw the introduction of one of the lowest landfill capacities within the UK but maintained a high satisfaction level with residents.

What the client thought

Roddy Mann, Service Manager for Transport and Environmental Services at Fife Council said “Resource Efficient Solutions were instrumental in the planning and delivery of the 4 bin service. One of the key factors was the level of communication between RES and ourselves, in my opinion it led to a very successful project delivery.”

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Carbon Management Awareness Campaign

Project Background

The Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009 sets mandatory targets to reduce Scottish greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050 and 42% by 2020.It places a duty on all public bodies to contribute towards delivering these targets. In order to assess its position in complying with this legislation, Fife Council as part of it’s carbon management plan, carried out service carbon audits out on all services.

Following the completion of these audits it was identified that, among several services, the Council’s Catering, Cleaning and Facilities Management Services was a key stakeholder and required a carbon awareness communications campaign to raise the profile of the tackling climate change and reducing carbon emissions reduction.

Project objectives

The objective was to develop and deliver a 1 year communications plan that could provide over 2000 key influential staff with practical ways to tackle climate change and reduce carbon emissions both at home and at work.

Our role

Resource Efficient Solutions developed carbon talks, train the trainer sessions as well as a carbon maturity matrix. We then:

Completed a survey to assess current levels of awareness.
Delivered bespoke awareness sessions to all 2000 staff.
Provided information packs to key staff
Completed walkabouts in key locations to provide staff with additional advice
Surveyed all staff again to identify changes in awareness levels.

Key results

Substantial increased staff awareness levels
Clear evidence of good practice being undertaken and reported by staff
Delivery of the communications plan to 2000 staff within 1 year.

What the client thought:

Angus Thomson, Senior Manager, Catering, Cleaning and Facilities Management Services, said “The carbon management awareness campaign achieved all service objectives.I would be happy to recommend that others implement this scheme in their workforce”.

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Waste Compositional Analysis

Project Background

Perth & Kinross Council wanted to arrange a Waste Compositional Analysis on their waste and recycling bins in order to shape future strategy. They were looking for a company with a strong background in Local Authority awards and also had experience of Waste Compositional Analysis.

Project objectives

The objective of the WCA was to provide Perth and Kinross Council with an accurate view of the composition of two household waste streams collected at kerbside, allowing the Council to:

understand the total composition of household waste in the Perth and Kinross Council area
understand their waste arisings by material
make predictions on how much material could be recovered by introducing new recycling schemes
identify where improvements could be made to existing recycling schemes

Our role

We brought significant public sector experience and expertise: we have completed waste analysis for at least a third of all Scottish Local Authorities and our WCA process is also operated in line with the latest Zero Waste Scotland methodology

Initially we created a sampling methodology to ensure the compositional data were statistically reliable to reflect the demographics of Perth and Kinross.
Our waste analysis unit collected the waste from Perth and Kinross residents on collection day and returned it to our sorting depot in Fife.
We sorted household residual waste over two weeks and dry recyclates over a further two weeks. A daily record of the weight in each sorting category was kept.
We completed the contract in two phases, several months apart, analysing results at the end of each phase. We submitted a final report at the end of the contract.

What the client thought

“The service provided was cost effective, convenient and hassle free. We will be using them again”
Bruce Reekie, Waste Services manager for Perth and Kinross Council

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Sustainable Scotland Network

Project Background:

Part 4 of the Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009 placed duties on public bodies to comply with carbon emission reduction. In order to assist with complying with these duties, the Scottish Government produced guidance entitled “Public bodies climate change duties: Putting them into practice”.

Project objectives

Resource Efficient Solutions were asked to identify if the target audience found the document fit for purpose.

Our role

Initially Resource Efficient Solutions met with Sustainable Scotland Network to outline the scope of the work and develop research methodologies and questions. We then:

Undertook telephone interviews of staff in local authorities charged with delivering sustainable development.
Analysed telephone responses as well as results from internet survey.
Produced comprehensive report of findings and provided recommendations.
Reported findings via closure meeting with SSN & Scottish Government.

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Skip hire

We provide a hassle-free skip hire service for your business.  We offer competitive prices and can provide hires within 24 hours. Contact us today to see how we can help you.

Under the Waste (Scotland) regulations businesses must separate their waste for recycling. We can provide skips to help you to do this.

We offer skips for:skip-post

  • Mixed dry recycling items
  • Source separated materials for recycling.  This includes wood, concrete, brick and stone, sub-soil, paper and cardboard, scrap metal or glass
  • Food waste
  • Confidential paper waste
  • Residual waste

We have skips of all sizes available – at affordable rates

  • 14 cube yard Closed Skips.  These can be lockable which helps keep your waste safe and prevents spillages. Holds up to 200 black bags on average.
  • 8, 10 or 14 cube yard Open Skips.  Some of our most popular skips and are easy to fill.   On average they hold between 85 and 140 black bags.
  • 20 or 40 cube yard Roll on / off hooklift containers.  Ideal for projects and contracts that involve larger volumes of waste.
  • Household skip hire  – we provide an 8 cube yard skip for households.  This is commonly referred to as a builders skip and holds 85 black sacks on average.

Our friendly sales team can help you choose the most appropriate skip or provide a free quotation.

Contact us today to order a skip.

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Energy from Waste

We produce Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) from our commercial and local authority waste collections.  We convert the waste into a fuel to be processed in Energy from Waste (EfW) plants in Europe.

How does it work?

We shred the waste and then process it to remove items such as metals and inert waste.  We then bale and wrap the RDF to prepare it for storage and transport.  The bales are then shipped to Europe for use in EfW plants to produce heat and electricity.

What are the benefits?

Refuse Derived Fuel is an alternative to landfill disposal and it can help you meet your landfill diversion targets.

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We proved a wide range of services within Scotland to meet your waste or environmental needs.  We provide waste management services as well as carbon and climate change consultancy services.  Contact us today for more information.

Some of the services we provide include:

Integrated Resource Management:

  • Recycling and waste collection
  • Skip an container hire
  • Contract account management

Resource Recovery

  • Energy from Waste (RDF production)
  • Composting
  • Anaerobic Digestion
  • Wood waste processing
  • Landfill

Environmental Consultancy (Waste, Carbon & Climate Change)

  • Audits
  • Programme and project management
  • Improving resource efficiency
  • Training and staff development
  • Communications development and support

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