Our composting operation accepts green waste from local authority and commercial collections.  We also process food and garden waste in our state of the art Anaerobic Digestion plant.  Both facilities are located at our Lochhead facility near Dunfermline.

Green waste composting

compostingYou can use both our facilities to recycle green garden waste.

We offer competitive rates and the cost you pay will depend on how much waste you want us to recycle.

We use an open windrow system to compost materials to PAS 100 standards.

We sell our finished product as a soil enhancer, with our principal grade being 0-20mm.

Processing food and garden waste

We use co-mingled garden and food waste to produce electricity that we export to the national grid.

We can also take catering waste and category 3 animal by-products (former foodstuffs). If you’re sending these types of waste to us, please make sure there’s no packaging.

The dry anaerobic digestion plant at our Lochhead facility is among the first of its kind within the UK. It converts the waste into electricity and heat and can accept up to 40,000 tonnes of material each year.